miscea Kitchen

Above and Beyond Expectations

The new miscea KITCHEN range of sensor activated systems raise the experience with water to a whole new level. Presenting a host of new features, benefits and conveniences, the miscea KITCHEN is above and beyond expectations.

Advanced Sensor

The miscea KITCHEN system is the world’s first truly touch free multifunctional kitchen faucet. Combining two dispensers and a faucet into one unique and easy to use system, it eliminates clutter and mess. It features the fastest and most reliable sensor technology available on the market to readily and accurately respond to hand movements.

2 Integrated Dispensers

Two dispensers have been engineered directly into the miscea KITCHEN eliminating the need for separate dispensers around the home, saving you space. It’s able to dispense a wide range of hygiene products such as soaps, disinfectants and lotions.

Personalised Settings

miscea Systems are designed to harmoniously fit with your personal needs, which is why it’s now possible to conveniently adjust various user settings, such as the amount of soap or disinfectant dispensed, the starting water temperature or one of the many other user settings with the handy miscea Remote Control (sold separately).

Hygienic sensor activation

When hands become dirty, you can activate water and receive detergent completely touch free, reducing the problem of cross contamination for a cleaner and safer kitchen environment. Completely touch free user interfaces with intelligent infrared sensor technology offer the cleanest and most mess free experience each and every time. There are 5 point for touch free functions which include the water on/off segment, water temperature control, and activation of up to two different liquids of choice.

Award Winning Design

Clean sleek lines accentuate the elegant and award winning design of the miscea KITCHEN. As the winner of many prestigious international product design awards, It’s the perfect example of sophisticated technology harmoniously blended with elegant design.

Easy to Install & Refill

Mounting plates and standard dimensions means the miscea LIGHT system is quick and easy to install in almost any environment. Once secured and connected to a water and power supply, it’s ready to use. When the product pouches are empty, simply replace the empty pouch with a new one. Fast, clean and simple!

High Quality Liquid Products

miscea systems use high quality and effective Refill Products in contamination-free vacuum sealed soft pouches. Available in a wide selection of hand soaps, hand disinfectants, detergents and specialty products, this vacuum seal method maintains a high and stable quality of the contents inside. It also ensures consistent dispensing of liquid products through your miscea system.

To view the entire range, please visit Refill Products.


miscea KITCHEN with S1 Soapbox in Polished Chrome shown in video.

Technical Specifications

miscea KITCHEN
Performance Specifications
24 V
Input Voltage
100 ~ 240 V / 50 ~ 60 Hz
Operating water pressure
0.8 - 10 bar
Max. water temperature
75 °C
Enclosing rate of PCB components
IP 55
Default Settings
Response time of water flow
1 sec
Package Dimensions & Storage
1.0 kg
40 cm
30 cm
20 cm
Storage temperature
10 ~ 50 °C
Finish Options
polished chrome

*Available on selected models

Display Options
Faucet Options & Dimensions (mm) Deck mounted
Soapbox Dimensions (mm) S1 Soapbox
Waterbox Dimensions (mm) W1 Waterbox